Creating opportunities for positive communication platforms between families, caregivers, schools & therapies.

Kara's Voice is a company driven by creating positive communication platforms between family and school. Our mission is to give better opportunity for parents and professionals to work as a team to help our children succeed. Sharing, receiving and tracking information on a daily basis is an invaluable tool to help keep the children's goals at the forefront. Our intent is to develop positive and consistent working relationships between all the children's providers, gaining better understanding of the child on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

"The convenient size and simple template make it user friendly and quick to fill out."

There are so many influences outside the home with therapists, teachers, para-professionals and caregivers, that there needs to be a steady stream of information shared and received by all parties. It may be a rare occurrence for all these influences to be in the same place at the same time. The communication workbooks allow for that daily general knowledge to move from one provider to the next, opening doors for smooth transitioning and betterment of the child.

Kara's Voice Communication Workbooks are designed as a child's daily traveling companion ~ to be used at school, daycare, home and therapy. The first 12 pages of every workbook allow the parent to write pertinent information about the child (learning style, social, behavior, communication, cognitive issues, goals, etc.) The bulk of the book acts as a journal with questions to be answered about daily happenings, to be filled out by parents, teachers and caregivers. Keeping in mind the hectic schedules of all parents and providers, the Colorado Department of Education and Kara's Voice have collaborated to come up with the key, most general, "checkbox questions" that would need to be answered to help continue transitioning throughout the day.

The workbooks have been a constant work-in-progress since inception in 2005. Development inspired by Kara, non-verbal and diagnosed with severe autism, the workbooks have had a natural progression since she has aged. By use and word-of-mouth alone, the workbooks have made it across the nation! The schools taking the initiative to supply their professionals and families have been the most impressive. We are always in the process of trying new things and working with the community to find the best ways to facilitate better communication. If you have things you would like to see, add or change we would love to hear from you!

It takes the people that come in contact with our children everyday to be their advocate... the communication workbooks help guide in the process.

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To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."
~ Anthony Robbins